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"I search for comfort, warmth and to find each family or person’s identity and story as a portrait photographer. When you are in front of my camera, it is my turn to tell your story. It is my job to capture that fleeting moment with beauty."

I am a Portrait Photographer. I live, breathe and sleep photographing portraits! I want to tell your story with beauty and make it timeless. Each beautiful face that steps in front of my camera has a story that they want to tell. It's always love! Our children, parents, partners, our families is where all our stories begin and end. I hope to step into it for just a moment and capture that love. I know all too well, the hard work that goes into planning and investing in a portrait session. But the result is priceless. Truly. These portraits that we work together to capture will be the pieces that make your family's history. That hang on your walls and bring a smile to you every time you walk by them. They will be the treasures for your children 40 years from now. I invite you to slow down and capture this beautiful time in your lives.


Schedule your phone consultation today to start customizing your portrait experience!

Each session starts with a phone consultation to learn more about what you are looking for in your portrait session. Together we'll work to create a custom experience for your portraits.

Next, Loralei will meet with you to go over location, clothing and to learn about your story. With you, we'll create a shoot that will both fit your style but also make it a relaxing and fun experience.

Then the fun begins on the day of your shoot! Choose to have an expert hair stylist and make up artist pamper you before the shoot to give you that extra glow for your portraits. Loralei is known for her relaxing way of shooting that helps every person that steps in front of her camera feel at ease.

Finally, the big reveal of your portraits! Meet with Loralei at her studio or she can come out to you for your print reveal. All your portraits will have been edited, touched up, printed and matted for viewing. All portraits ordered come with a digital version as well.



“Loralei has photographed our family two years in arow.  I am amazed each time at her ability to capture “real” moments!  Our son was a year and a half during this last photo shoot, and I was a little concerned about him sitting still for the “perfect shot”!  To my complete
satisfaction, our perfect shots turn out to be those that aren’t posed with fake scenery in the background, but us in our “raw” glory, and in our element. It’s true artistry! Thanks Loralei!”

Tamara Briley

“Loralei is a phenomenal photographer with an amazing ability to capture the most beautiful moments in life.  She is so extremely patient with children while taking portraits.  Her cheerful and calm demeanor allowed my children to feel comfortable and content, which has been very challenging in the past at a “typical” photography studio.  After every session is complete, my heart is filled with joy and delight at the shots she was able to take.  She is an astounding and talented artist. I am so thankful to have pictures that capture the critical and most adoring moments in my children’s life.”

Stephanie Galler

"Loralei continually exceeds our expectations every year as our family photographer. She not only captures 'pictures' - her love and passion for helping create memories makes her an extension of our family. We highly recommend Loralei to anyone looking to create memorable images that they can cherish for a lifetime."

Erica Cardenas

“What started out as another season for Christmas picture's turned into more then we anticipated. Already having worked with a photographer in Arizona after recently moving here from California we hadn't come across a photographer who worked well with our whole family. Loralei took the most beautiful portraits of our teenage daughter that turned in to artwork in our home. She exceeded all my expectations and then some. She made the experience for us all highly enjoyable! Our family looks forward to working with her again real soon.”

Chanel Biaza

Loralei has watched my family grow through her lens. She has captured my pregnancy, infancy, and childhood with my three children. When I look over the pictures she had taken for us over the years, I can't help but smile at the beautiful memories she has created for my family to cherish. I love her photography style of catching us doing things naturally like playing with our children, and laughing. I have the pictures Loralei took hanging all over my walls, and when people come to visit they see them, and stare for awhile saying, "Who took these photos?  "They are amazing!" I just smile and say Loralei Photography. She is a very talented and gifted photographer because she knows how to get the perfect picture, and capture the personality of her clients. We will always to continue to use Loralei with all our photography needs!

Kathy Podlasek




We are located in the North Phoenix area off of Carefree Highway.

At House of Loralei, we really want your portrait session to be a unique experience that is suited to you and your style. Every shoot is customized to fit your needs so please take a moment to tell us about what you are hoping to capture from this experience with us!

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